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A New Path: Why we need Critical Approaches to Cognitive and Psychological Sciences.

“Lack of an easy universality doesn’t mean there is less for cognitive and psychological researchers to study. On the contrary, there can still be structure and tendencies in the iterative interaction between humans and their environment that researchers may characterize and seek to understand.”

What Can Cognitive Science do for people?

“No group of people’s cognition should be relegated to an interesting exception because their culture or nation-state is not (currently) dominating the scientific research enterprise.”

Fear Not of Cognition and Context

our fundamental understanding of what we study must change from an inward-looking focus on internal cognitive processes to an expansive multilevel consideration of humans in their developmental, cultural and societal context. It is in this context that humans are inextricably embedded. It is in this context that we must position cognition to have any chance of truly understanding it.

Reconstructing the Study of Human Cognition

“A comprehensive reconsideration of the assumptions, level of analysis,
the scope of consideration, and the overall approach of cognitive research may be
needed in order for the field to progress.”

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